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Marc Landow

Marc Landow

I have had the privilege of serving on two JBFCS divisional boards and am honored to have been asked to co-chair this year’s ride. I hope you will ride 62 miles with me or 25 miles with Robyn, or sponsor me if you cannot make it to ride day.

Here are some details about the ride:
This year’s bike ride will take place on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 at Purchase College, NY.
Our ride is comprised of three routes: 10 miles, 25 miles or 62 miles, each chosen by professional and certified bicycle tour guides.
We begin before 10AM at the SUNY Purchase campus. Our “Ride Team” greets our guests and offers them juice, water, coffee and treats to fuel up before cycling out.
We have four evenly spaced rest stops completely outfitted with juice, water, fruit, and a great variety of snacks.
The fun day of riding ends with a plentiful after-party BBQ.

Having participated in this amazing charity ride for the past eight years, I can say first hand that it is a phenomenal day. Not only because it’s a great ride through beautiful Westchester County, but also because of the great work the ride supports. Through my involvement with JBFCS over the past fifteen years, I have personally witnessed how this great agency improves the lives of New Yorkers. The event is designed to raise funds while promoting the work The Jewish Board does by providing more than 43,000 clients a year with mental health and social services.

Some information about The Jewish Board:
Largest human services agency in New York State.
75 locations around the five boroughs and a 125-acre campus in Westchester.
Delivering over 250,000 counseling sessions across New York City.
We help New Yorkers of all backgrounds by listening, connecting, sharing and caring.
We help people with: emotional crisis/trauma, family services, family violence, living with mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, bereavement and loss, supportive housing, and services for children/teens.
For more information about JBFCS, please visit jewishboard.org (Additional Info attached).

Please feel free to call or email with any questions and to forward to any cyclists who you think might be interested. I am looking forward to a great day of riding with friends while supporting this great cause!




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