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Dana Mindlin

I appreciate your visiting my page. In my work coordinating volunteer projects, I see every day the difference the Jewish Board is making in the lives of individuals of all ages throughout New York City and Westchester. The help is needed now more than ever. I would appreciate any contribution that you can make to support the Jewish Board in giving hope to so many. Thank you.


raised of $1,750 goal

Recent Donations

1. DWDiana Wallerstein
2. STSandy And Rick Thau
3. JMJoette And Mitchell Mindlin
Our pleasure to support you and the important work of the Jewish Board!
4. ?Anonymous
Happy to support your efforts!
5. LTLita Thau
Good luck to you both! So Proud of you Mom and Dad
6. SMSamantha Mindlin
Keep up the good work!
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